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Military operations impose significant physical demands on combat teams who are executing missions under extreme and stressful environmental conditions. CyroTherm Armor’s Area Reconnaissance Environmental Suit (ARES) provides a solution against such extreme conditions. We are dedicated to providing advanced technologies, meeting or exceeding military standards to enhance combat readiness, performance, and survivability of military personnel operating under extreme environmental conditions. Understanding the mission statement and the increased global role of the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), CryoTherm Armor LLC is committed to providing the solutions to combating extreme elements. Our mission is to ensure personnel can effectively execute their mission in all global theaters.

Cold and heat injuries occur due to a combination of factors: environmental load (temperature, humidity, radiant load, wind speed, terrain, geographical location, etc.), clothing, equipment used, task or mission performed (i.e. work rate), prolonged exposure, and physical inability to acclimatize, compromising the operator and places the team in harm’s way. Cold weather injuries such as hypothermia and frostbite, are serious medical problems that have numerous adverse effects on soldiers, including emotional detachment or loss of motivation. Hot weather injuries such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke are also serious medical problems that have numerous adverse effects such as muscle cramps, muscle weakness, exhaustion, headaches, dizziness and, profuse sweating and also emotionally detached or loss of motivation.

The Area Reconnaissance Environmental Suit (ARES) System 7, defeats multiple environmental threats such as, chemical and biological hazards, while maintaining the operators core body temperature and stress levels within an acceptable range, in free fall, static/dynamic, land, maritime, cold/warm water operations in five types of global climates: tropical, dry, temperate, cold and polar.


CryoTherm Armor’s (mantra) A creative approach for resolving outstanding technical hurdles, validated by quantifiable science to achieve mission critical performance.

Incremental improvements in numerous technologies, manufacturing processes/controls and the use of enhanced materials, has resulted in greater efficiencies for the ARES 7. We are committed to fielding the most energy efficient microclimate suit and light weight power systems for the dismounted combat soldier to operate in extreme environmental conditions.

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